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Buyer Inspection:

A buyer will usually do their first inspection of a home looking at photos on a website provided by a Realtor or from another online service.  The online photos and briefly listed information provide a feeling that this maybe the type of home they are searching for.  The location maybe perfect, the layout is nice, the home seems to fit the bill.  Yet, are there unknown or hidden defects that are potentially harmful or costly?

Purchasing a home is a large financial and emotional decision.  You need to take it to the Next Level.  A Home Inspection is preformed by a licensed professional and will provide a comprehensive, informed description of the home's condition.  In an offer to purchase, buyers are given the opportunity to have a Home Inspection, the lender may actually require it. That is the opportunity to partner with a Licensed Home Inspector and have an unbiased visual inspection of the house and grounds.

No house is perfect.  A Next Level Home Inspection will provide essential information to the Buyer regarding the actual condition of the home.

Home inspections usually take 3 to 4 hours to complete, depending on the size of the home and grounds.  Buyers are encouraged to take part during the inspection.

A Professional Electronic Report including photos will be distributed within 24 hours.

Radon Tests are also offered, with the results available after the 48 hour test is completed

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